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PS4 Remote Play for Android [2.2+]

Thursday, 9 July 2015 Links to this post


For non-xperia device:-

This is a Port of the Official PS4 Remote Play

App for Android. Their are now 2 ZIP Versions
of the Mod, the Normal(Includes everything:
Remote Play App, DualShockManger App, and
the require files to display the PS4 Remote Play
Icon under the "Connect to PS4" tab in the
PlayStation App) and the Minimal(Includes only
the Remote Play App). The Manual Method is
still available, if you wish you can just install the
Stand Alone APK and it should work fine
(Below). Its recommended to have a 5Ghz
Router(On the Phone side) and the PS4
connected via Lan Cable.

Xperia device:-

If you have a Xperia Z2 or Xperia Z3 you need

your DRM keys for this to work, their is

currently no workaround to this. If you wish to

use this Mod/Port on the mention Devices for

other features(like no network quality check)

you can download V0.6.1 of this Mod/Port. If

you have another Xperia Device, the latest

version of this Mod/Port should work fine.


-Root Check/APK Signature Check Disabled.

-Connection Speed Check Removed.

-Wifi Check Removed.

-XML/JAR Dependencies Removed.

-Downgraded Minimum Required SDK to 2.2(Not

Yet Available in Latest Version).

-Native DualShock 4 Support(Beta)(Not Yet

Available in Latest Version).


-Android 2.2+


-Custom Recovery(Optional)

Instructions (for zip):-

2. Enter Custom Recovery, Flash ZIP and Reboot.

3. Install 
play station app  (optional) and install sixaxis controller ( optional)

4.1. Pair the controller via USB to your PC using the

supplied program on Dancing Pixel Studios
website. (You will enter the Mac Address found
at the bottom of the app).

5. Done!

Apk file :-


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