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Turn your Android device into a Linux desktop PC - without rooting

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

First of all, you need and install the app, debian root.apk. This is an operating systeam based on Linux, and lets you install free, open-source software on it like LibreOffice, GIMP, the IceWeasel web browser, and hundreds more programs. Debian noroot installs Debian 7.0 Wheezy on your Android device, an 'oldstable' version of Debian that still receives security updates and can install programs through APT (Advanced Package Tool).


Once you've downloaded Debian noroot from the Play Store, open it, then wait as it fully installs all the packages. When that's done, Debian should open, letting you drag a mouse cursor around a desktop-type interface

Update Debian and install important programs

There are no programs pre-installed on Debian, so you'll need to install them all yourself. If you're familiar with Linux, then you'll feel right at home using the root terminal to 'apt-get' all the programs you need. If what we just said means nothing to you, don't panic, and follow the below steps:
  1. Drag the mouse cursor in Debian over to the desktop icon called 'Root Terminal' and double-tap it.
  2. Unless you're using a Bluetooth keyboard (recommended), you'll need to use the onscreen keyboard to type commands into the terminal. Bring up the keyboard by swiping from the top or the side of the screen to bring up the navigation buttons, then tap the Back navigation button. 

  1.  To make sure your version of Debian is up to date, type apt-get update into the root terminal. This will install crucial system and security packages for Debian.
  2. Once that's done, you can start installing software using the root terminal. Below are some programs that we recommend, and the commands you need to type to get them:
    • LibreOffice suite: apt-get install libreoffice
    • GIMP Image-editing software: apt-get install gimp
    • Iceweasel web browser (based on Firefox): apt-get install iceweasel
  3. These programs should get you started with your Android-based Linux desktop, but there are hundreds more tools, programs, and even games you can download in this way. Just go to Debian Wheezy's official packages page to see all of them.

Connect a keyboard and mouse

Pairing up a bluetooth keyboard and mouse with your Android device is easy. Just go to Settings > Bluetooth on your device, then tap Scan for devices and make sure your bluetooth mouse or keyboard is in pairing mode too.
Once these things are connected to your device, Debian automatically detects them, and lets you use them.

Connect your Android device to a monitor

So you're now set up to use your Android device as a mini-desktop PC, but why stop there? For just a little extra effort, you can connect your Android device to a monitor, turning it into a full-sized Linux computer.
There are a couple of ways you can do this. If you're lucky enough to own a Chromecast, then you can open the Chromecast app, tap the menu at the top left, then tap Cast screen to mirror your Android display onto the monitor or TV connected to the Chromecast.

This way of using a monitor may be a little bit laggy though, so your
best bet is to buy a micro-USB to HDMI MHL adapter and HDMI cable (if you don't already have one). You can pick the adapters up from around 5 USD or 5 GBP at and There are some dodgy knock-off ones out there, so make sure to buy one that's well rated. The one pictured above from Cablesson did the job without any problems.
So there you have it. Your Android device is now a fully functioning Linux PC, contained in a neat little app icon on your Android homescreen. No need to even root!
 Have you tried using your Android as a desktop PC? Does it do the job well, or are smartphones not quite powerful enough for that yet?

DOWNLOAD : DebianRoot.apk 


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