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How to flash custom recovery on Android??

Saturday, 18 July 2015

what is custom recovery and how to install ???

If you have decided to take a trip to the land of 
custom ROMs and Android hacking in general,
you’d need to take one first step - flash (install)
a custom recovery. In this article, we explain
what exactly is a ‘custom recovery’, how you
install it, and what are some popular solutions.

Let’s start with the fact that every phone ships
with stock recovery software. Stock recoveries
vary slightly between phone makers, but they
are identical in their essence - they allow you to
manually flash official updates and clear your
phone’s cache. Sounds limited? It is, and that’s
why custom recoveries exist.

Custom recoveries that we’ll flash here replace
the limited stock ones, adding all sorts of
functionality to your phone. Flashing a custom
recovery is often a key part of the rooting
process, but that is not its only use. Here is a
short summary of all that you can do with a
custom recovery:-

***Create and restore a backup image -  

A backup image makes a copy of all your phone settings,

application and app data. Such a backup copy is

crucial if your hacking experiments fail - in such
cases, you can use the created backup image to

**restore your phone to a fully functional earlier
state without losing any data.
Flash custom ROMs - custom ROMs can
completely overhaul the looks and functionality
of an Android smartphone, and usually they are
the main reason for first flashing a custom

Important : You have to unlock the bootloader on your
phone before flashing a custom recovery! 
How to install:- 
Well it is hard to explain bt easy to install just visit you tube n search how to flash custom recovery on ( your device name)

How to go into recovery mode-


Well i' ll give download list of CWM just download and according to video just flash.....

For cwm (recommended) - CWM

For twrp- TWRP


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