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Use your Android Phone as Webcam(IP webcam App)

Saturday, 18 July 2015
Although everyone have a Laptops today, But some people are still on Desktops, Usually, Desktop Users lack with Webcam. They cannot have a Video chats, or use websites like

But now you do not need a Cam, You can use your android Phone camera as ur Webcam, Using an application from Playstore Called IP Webcam(Free App).

Currently IP Webcam doesn’t supports USB connection, it supports Wi-fi or Mobile Internet connection. You can use either front or rear camera.
You can use this mobile to watch live stream in VLC Player.
You can download this APP from here.

Here is the Guide on How to use IP Webcam:
1. Download IP Webcam from the link provided above for free
2. Install APP in your mobile and grant it required permissions
3. Open the APP and setup it correctly
4. Now Select Connect with PC and choose either Wi-fi or Mobile Internet
5. To watch Live Stream Enter the IP address provided in the APP in any Web Browser or VLC Media Player
6. Drivers of it will be installed automatically

Enjoy skyping 😉 !!


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